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House Casa Arthur Richis

Prices and details change. This advert was posted on 10/03/2018. Updated on 10/03/2018.

  • House in Richis, Romania, Romania
  • Rental rate from €50 to €90 EUR per week (2018 prices)
  • Sleeps up to 6 guests in 3 bedrooms
  • Country location
  • Property ID 6644

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photo of Casa Arthur Richis  Romania
  photo of Casa Arthur Richis  Romania
  photo of Casa Arthur Richis  Romania

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Casa Arthur is situated in the heart of trasylvania in the village called Richis. The house is a traditonal saxon house wich keeps his patine, and it's full of history. It has three guest-rooms with high ceiling and big windows, one living rooms, a fully equipated kitchen, and two bathrooms. The house owns a wonderfull big garden perfect place to sit and eat enjoying the proximity of nature. Ideal place for a countryside vacation, and to discover Transylvania.


Available rent April till November

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