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Apartment Wheatside Apartment

Prices and details change. This advert was posted on 10/07/2016.

  • Apartment in Carperby, North Yorkshire, UK
  • Rental rate from £495 to £560 GBP per week (2016 prices)
  • Sleeps up to 4 guests in 1 bedrooms
  • Country location
  • Property ID 6315

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photo of Wheatside Apartment  UK
  photo of Wheatside Apartment  UK
  photo of Wheatside Apartment  UK

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The Wheatside Apartment is located next to the Wheatsheaf Inn, in the beautiful village of Carperby in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Just a stones throw away from Aysgarth Falls - where Robin Hood the Prince of Thieves was filmed - and a short walk from the historical Bolton Castle - where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned - the location is perfect for either walking or just getting away from it all. On top of this, it's right next to the Wheatsheaf Inn where you can enjoy a warm Yorkshire welcome, real ales, and good food. It's also where James Herriot and his wife had their honeymoon.


All year round.

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Map of Carperby, North Yorkshire, UK

Latitude: 54.30494 Longitude: -1.98795


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