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House Slo-n-ez

Prices and details change. This advert was posted on 13/03/2013.

  • House in Caye Caulker, Belize, Belize
  • Rental rate from $500 to $800 USD per week
  • Sleeps up to 5 guests in 2 bedrooms
  • Beach location
  • Property ID 4392

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photo of Slo-n-ez  Belize
  photo of Slo-n-ez  Belize
  photo of Slo-n-ez  Belize

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Slo-N-Ez is a beautiful home with ocean view. It is ideal for vacation and relaxation. This is the perfect place to be on an island. Caye Caulker is the perfect island destination and is just 5 minutes away by boat from the world's second largest barrier reef. SLO-N-EZ is the getaway home you have been looking for. We require a minimum stay of 5 nights. Inside the house is a no-smoking zone and no pets are allowed.

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Map of Caye Caulker, Belize, Belize

Latitude: 17.73683 Longitude: -88.03113


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Place: Caye Caulker
Latitude: 17.73683 Longitude: -88.03113
Distance from Caye Caulker: 0.0 miles